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 If you are interested in advertising with Ptown Pedicabs for the current season, please email us at  or call 774 -368-3717 or 775-368-3371. Rates for the season are available upon request. Hurry, as space is limited, and spots sell out quickly! 

 The publicity surrounding us was extensive, with coverage ranging from the front page of the New York Times Travel section to multiple write-ups in the Provincetown Banner and Lip Magazine. We have even been featured on Boston's Channel 5 Chronicle twice (2004 and 2005)! Every season promises to be even bigger and better!!!

We are talked about on the street and the radio, in bars and restaurants, in museums, and on building job sites. We participate in numerous local events and several parades. Ptown Pedicabs is the buzz in Provincetown and an unusual local attraction that tourists and locals can't seem to get enough of...

A warm fuzzy feeling from helping support another locally owned and run business.

Panels Adds on the Pedicabs

 On street advertising exposure to over 50,000 eyes daily during the summer operator promotion of your business. Every Pedicab has 2 back panels. 2 side panels and one front

  T-shirt, hats, outfit  

Our riders can wear specific outfits which will promote your brand and involve the customers to start a conversation about the product we want to advertise. 

Sponsored Free Rides:

This is a great way to advertise a business. We have done it many times before, and everyone loves it.  Your message will be displayed in vibrant colors on Pedicabs and will be available to attendees of conventions, to the general public, or to any clientele you wish. Pedicab hours can be customized to fit your needs. 

Field Marketing

 The young and enthusiastic team of drivers can distribute flyers, coupons, brochures, or other marketing materials to your prospects in and around the city or convention center to ensure everyone knows about your company or brand. Every Pedicab has a pedicab holder and can be equipped with flares.

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